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van Niekerk, Dewald; Nemakonde, Livhuwani D

Natural hazard governance: practices and key natural hazards in sub-Saharan Africa Book Chapter Forthcoming

Oxford University Press, Forthcoming.

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Book Chapters

van Niekerk, Dewald

Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation: towards community resilience Book Chapter

Du Plessis, A (Ed.): South African Environmental Law: The Governing Function of Local Government, Juta, Kenwyn, 2015.

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Journal Articles

van Niekerk, Dewald

A critical analysis of the South African Disaster Management Act and Policy Framework Journal Article

Disasters, 38 (4), pp. 858–877, 2014.

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Journal Articles

Kruger, Leandri; Sandham, Luke A

Social Impact Assessment: The lesser sibling in the South African EIA process? Journal Article

Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 48 , pp. 20-26, 2013, ISSN: 0195-9255.

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Botha, Doret; van Niekerk, Dewald

Views from the Frontline: A critical assessment of local risk governance in South Africa Journal Article

Jamba: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies, 5 , pp. 1-10, 2013.

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Journal Articles

Faling, Willemien; Tempelhoff, Johann W N; van Niekerk, Dewald

Rhetoric or action: Are South African municipalities planning for climate change? Journal Article

Development Southern Africa, 29 (02), pp. 241-258, 2012.

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