The ACDS offers a number of accredited short learning programmes.

What this course offers

There is currently a shortage of skills and expertise in South Africa and the rest of the Continent in the area of disaster risk management. Whereas academic programmes are meant to address these challenges, short course can address this immediate need for both the professional and those without background alike.
The ACDS therefore strives o provide relevant, up to date, customised and applicable short courses addressing the current skills shortages within the field of disaster studies in southern Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. The following section will discuss the contents and layout of our short courses that we offer.

Course Objectives
  • Short courses are customised around every institution’s individual need within the broader framework of disaster studies and development.
  • All the short courses are outcome based and are therefore designed to provide attendants with practical solution to their current challenges and problems
  • The training programs are tailor-made to suit the client’s demands.
Accreditation and Contact Details

All the short courses are registered with in the North West University. The NWU is a tertiary education service provider established in terms of the Higher Education Act 101 of 1997. Therefore, all the ACDS short course are SAQA accredited and enjoys recognition by all SETAs. Any additional information regarding short our short courses can be supplied using the following details or sending us a message via our contact page here

Short Course Contact Details

Short Courses in Disaster Risk Reduction by ACDS Contents

The duration of the course is 3 – 5 days which includes tailored-made in-house lessons specific to the objects along with face-to-face contacts for all participants. The course overview includes the following content that will be covered:

  • Basic definition covered in disaster 
  • Elements of disaster risk management
  • Different types of hazards, risks and 
  • Disaster risk management as an integrated approach
  • Basic knowledge on disaster information system and their functions

After successful completion of the courses the participants will experience the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic concept in disaster reduction;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the interaction between hazards, vulnerability, and disaster risk;
  • Identify the predisposing or causal 
factors of disasters;
  • Explain the progression of vulnerability;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the 
principles of disaster risk management;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of all aspects related to disaster risk reduction activities and the integration thereof with 
developmental initiatives
  • Interpret policies and legislation to 
effectively function within the disaster risk management sphere

The ACDS provides short courses in Disaster Risk Management for district and local disaster management centres including sector departments and NGO’s officials. The ACDS short courses has been accompanied by great success, training people from volunteers to officials around the African continent. Please find the information below regarding our different offerings:

Basic Course in Disaster Risk Management

This course addresses the basic concepts, definitions and components of disaster risk management. This basic course introduces the learner to different international and national definitions, concepts and understandings of disaster risk management. Disaster Risk Management is furthermore explained within the Southern African context, focusing on the different institutions that are responsible and play important roles within the field of Disaster Risk Management. Different policies and legislation (especially the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 and the National Disaster Management Framework) is also investigated and clarified. Specific Roles and Responsibilities of Advisory forums will also be touched on. This course is usually done over a duration of three/five days (depending on the customised content) Course accreditation: 3 credits and on NQF level 5

Disaster Risk Management and Planning Short Course

One of the main components of disaster risk management is planning. This course strives to address all the different challenges faced by institutions in terms of disaster risk management planning. The course gives participants clear-cut guidelines of how to approach disaster risk management planning, what are the different challenges faced by institutions in terms of planning, as well as what are the different requirements for disaster risk management planning according to the Disaster Management Act of 2002. The course aims to pro- vide practical guidelines for the integration of disaster risk management with development planning.This course is usually presented over a duration of three days, however if the need exists for practical application exercises the duration might extent to five days. Course accreditation: 3 credits and on NQF level 5

Advanced Course in Disaster Risk Management

The advanced course in disaster risk management build on the outcomes of the basic course. This course investigates all the different influential concepts, components, role-players and factors within the field of disaster risk management.All the different factors contributing to the field of disaster risk management are focused on in more depth, ordering and categorising all the factors, what their relationship to each other is and how they interact within the field of disaster risk management. This course is usually done in a duration of three days if the need exists to add more topics to the content according to the need of the participants two days can be added. Course accreditation: 3 credits and on NQF level 5