Lesego Shoroma

Lesego Shoroma

Researcher & Lecturer


Lesego Bradley Shoroma is a researcher at the ACDS, NWU and has been working as part of the ACDS since 2012. He has completed his Masters in Development and Management in 2014 with the main focus on Public Governance within Drought mitigation measures and strategies. His research interests solely include Disaster Risk Reduction, Drought Mitigation and Adaptation, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Governance. He has also been involved in various research projects, national and international, where he contributed as a researcher. He is also a lecturer for the Postgraduate diploma in Public and Non-Profit Management (Disaster risk studies).



Livhuwani D. Nemakonde; Lesego B. Shoroma; Kristel Fourie; David C. Spies; Dewald van Niekerk; Adri Gouws; Cynthia Tsepe; Vicci Prinsloo; Gideon J. Wentink

Independent evaluation study of the implementation of the Drought Relief Scheme for the 2013/2014 drought: Northern Cape Province Technical Report




Dewald van Niekerk; Christo Coetzee; Doret Botha; Michael J. Murphree; Kristel Fourie; Tanya le Roux; Gideon J. Wentink; Leandri Kruger; Lesego B. Shoroma; Kylah Genade; M. Suna Meyer; Elrista Annandale

Planning and Executing Scenario Based Simulation Exercises: Methodological Lessons Journal Article

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 12 (1), pp. 193-210, 2013.

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