Leandri Kruger

Leandri Kruger

Researcher & Lecturer


Leandri has worked at the ACDS since 2012 as a researcher and lecturer.  She was involved on various research projects, national and international, where she contributed as a researcher.  In 2012 she obtained her Masters degree in Geography and Environmental Management.  She is also a lecturer and the Programme Manager of the Postgraduate diploma in Disaster Risk Management. She is currently busy with her PhD focusing on the contribution of Disaster Risk Assessment (DRA) for improved Social Impact Assessment (SIA) in South Africa. Her research interests are in Social Impact Assessments, Disaster risk reduction, sustainable development, environment management, and socio-ecological resilience.



Dewald van Niekerk; Livhuwani D. Nemakonde; Leandri Kruger; Kylah Genade

Community-based disaster risk management Book Chapter Forthcoming




Dewald van Niekerk; Michael J. Murphree; Vicci Prinsloo; Wilfred Lunga; Leandri Kruger; PW Bredenkamp; Livhuwani D. Nemakonde; Christo Coetzee

Regional assessment on ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and biodiversity in Eastern and Southern Africa Technical Report

IUCN 2016.

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Leandri Kruger

The timing of agricultureal production in hazard-prone areas to prevent losses at peak-risk periods: A case of Malawi, Madagascar and Mozambique Journal Article

Jamba: Journal of Disaster Risk Studies, 2016.

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Dewald van Niekerk; Leandri Kruger

Transboundary protection of biodiversity in the context of human and environmental security and climate change Book Chapter

Kotzé, Louis J; Marauhn, Thilo (Ed.): 19 , Chapter 14, pp. 348-376, Brill, 2014, ISBN: 9789004273894.

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Dewald van Niekerk; Christo Coetzee; Doret Botha; Michael J. Murphree; Kristel Fourie; Tanya le Roux; Gideon J. Wentink; Leandri Kruger; Lesego B. Shoroma; Kylah Genade; M. Suna Meyer; Elrista Annandale

Planning and Executing Scenario Based Simulation Exercises: Methodological Lessons Journal Article

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 12 (1), pp. 193-210, 2013.

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Leandri Kruger; Luke A. Sandham

Social Impact Assessment: The lesser sibling in the South African EIA process? Journal Article

Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 48 , pp. 20-26, 2013, ISSN: 0195-9255.

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