Leandri Kruger

Leandri Kruger

Researcher & Lecturer


Leandri has worked at the ACDS for the past 5 years as a researcher.  She was involved on various research projects, national and international, where she contributed as a researcher.  In 2012 she obtained her Masters degree in Geography and Environmental Management.  She is also a lecturer and the Programme Manager of the Postgraduate diploma in Public and Non-Profit Management (Disaster risk studies). Her research interests are in Social Impact Assessments, Disaster risk reduction, climate change and sustainability.



Dewald van Niekerk; Michael J. Murphree; Vicci Prinsloo; Wilfred Lunga; Leandri Kruger; PW Bredenkamp; Livhuwani D. Nemakonde; Christo Coetzee

Regional assessment on ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction and biodiversity in Eastern and Southern Africa Technical Report

IUCN 2016.



Dewald van Niekerk; Christo Coetzee; Doret Botha; Michael J. Murphree; Kristel Fourie; Tanya le Roux; Gideon J. Wentink; Leandri Kruger; Lesego B. Shoroma; Kylah Genade; M. Suna Meyer; Elrista Annandale

Planning and Executing Scenario Based Simulation Exercises: Methodological Lessons Journal Article

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, 12 (1), pp. 193-210, 2013.

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